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Get environment access

An environment is a fully-working deployment of the GOV.UK Verify hub. GOV.UK Verify maintains a number of environments for development, testing, and operational purposes. As a government service you need to work in the Integration and Production environments.

GOV.UK Verify provides two identical, secure environments:

  • Integration
  • Production

Production allows you to host your fully-developed beta or live service with real user data. The production environment is where you deploy your live end-to-end service. It’s a restricted environment for security reasons.

You must complete a short form with information about your service so GOV.UK Verify can set up each environment for you. This can take up to 5 working days.

You’ll need to submit a form for each environment you need.

Submit form.

Before you start

The form does not store data between sessions. You must make sure you have all the information available to submit the form within a single session.

To complete the form you’ll need to share URLs for your:

  • Verify Service Provider
  • service start point or page
  • [Verify SAML response][verify-saml-response]

You’ll need to provide web content to personalise the Verify Hub for your end users, including:

  • your agency or department name (as you need it to appear to the user)
  • a display name for your Verify service (as you need it to appear to the user)
  • contact details for your service
  • a description of other ways users can access your service

You’ll need to provide valid, signed IDAP X.509 Public certificates for:

  • Verify Service Provider signature validation
  • Verify Service Provider encryption

For Production environments, you’ll also need to provide a username and password to manage the test user data.

Submit form to request an environment.