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Table of contents

For information only

The code listed below is provided for informational purposes only and not yet intended for use outside GOV.UK Verify.

Repository Description
verify-sample-local-matching-services A test project with a variety of sample local matching services in various languages
verify-saml-libs Verify SAMl libraries
verify-test-utils Libraries to help write Java Unit and Integration tests
verify-utils-libs Libraries used for REST, security and common utilities
verify-dev-pki Contains keys and certificates for Verify integration tests
verify-stub-idp-saml SAML library for a dummy Identity Provider IDP
verify-shibboleth-sp-example An example configuration for a Shibboleth SP instance that works with Verify
verify-dropwizard-saml Library for providing a SAML configuration object
verify-metadata-generator Produces unsigned SAML metadata that can be used to describe the entities within the GOV.UK Verify federation.