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For open use

Repository Description
verify-frontend The frontend service for Verify
passport-verify A passport.js strategy for Verify implementation in node.js and passport.js to integrate with Verify
verify-compliance-tool-gui A graphical user interface for the Verify compliance tool
verify-matching-service-adapter An application that a Relying Party must operate to facilitate user matching requests from Verify
verify-service-provider A Dropwizard application to generate and translate SAML requests and responses
verify-stub-matching-service A test implementation of a local matching service
verify-hub A system of microservices to manage interactions between users, government services, identity providers, and matching services
verify-stub-idp A stub Identity Provider and stub EU country used for testing GOV.UK Verify and eIDAS integration
verify-test-rp A stub Relying Party used when testing the GOV.UK Verify Hub
verify-eidas-metadata-aggregator An application that retrieves and validates metadata from EU countries and then copies the valid metadata to an AWS S3 bucket
dropwizard-logstash Dropwizard extension that supports logstash format with various appenders
dropwizard-jade Dropwizard extension to use Jade templating engine in Views used by Verify code